10 Kitchen Storage Hacks on a Budget

Many households struggle with kitchen storage. Finding a place for every pot, pan, utensil, and small appliance can be a challenge in and of itself. Then, when you add in having to organize foods, seasoning, and pantry staples, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

While remodeling your kitchen is technically always an option, it isn’t a practical one for everyone. Many families can’t afford to spend the tens of thousands of dollars it would take to rework this critical space; it’s that simple.

Luckily, there are plenty of kitchen storage hacks that are affordable, effective, and even attractive options.

What Are Kitchen Storage Hacks?

In the simplest terms, a kitchen storage hack is an option for getting organized using a non-traditional approach. It could include using a product in a new way or making use of something that you already have (or can get for essentially nothing) to make your space more usable and efficient.

If you need to whip your kitchen into shape, are ten kitchen storage hacks for families on a budget.

10 Kitchen Storage Hacks

1. Turn to Jars

Many food items come in jars. Whether you purchase spaghetti sauce, baby food, or pickles, those glass containers can work wonders when you need to organize a kitchen. So, make sure to keep them once they are empty.

Once you have them, you can fill them with all kinds of smaller items. Plus, they are clear, so you can see exactly what’s in each one. Just remove the labels and you’re set.

Plus, jars can create a unique opportunity. With some plumbing straps, you can keep them on a wall. If you make a hole in the lid, you can screw them into the underside of your cabinets, creating an extra layer of storage aside from the existing shelves.

If you’re buying foods in jars already, these containers are completely free. That makes them one of the most budget-friendly options around.

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2. Use Magazine Holders

Inexpensive magazine holders can be a great option for adding pseudo-shelves in a freezer. Essentially, you’ll be creating slots that can hold items, making them easier to grab without having to dig through piles of stuff.

You can also use magazine holders in your cabinets. They can be ideal for storing a range of slim items, especially cutting boards and food container lids.

3. Try Magnets

Magnets are an often-underutilized kitchen storage hack. Plus, they are incredibly inexpensive.

Glue some magnets to the inside of a cabinet door, and you can use them to hold baby food jars. This can be an excellent option for spices or other small items you need regularly.

If you get a larger magnet strip and attach it to the inside of a cabinet or on a wall, you can hang your kitchen knives. This can be safer than leaving exposed knife blades in a drawer, decreasing the odds that you’ll get cut while rummaging around.

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4. Slice Boxes

Cereal boxes can be an excellent option for organizing drawers. Just slice the box horizontally, giving yourself a set of open rectangles. Then, you can set them in a drawer to create sections. Place various items – like larger utensils, serving spoons, ladles, and tongs – in different rectangles to make them easier to find and to keep them from getting jumbled up.

5. Use Curtain Rods

Cheap curtain rods can be very versatile. They are designed to carry a bit of weight, so you have a lot of options.

For example, place one in the back of a cabinet to hold your pot lids, allowing you to stack the pots themselves inside each other. You could also put one on the wall, get some inexpensive hooks, and hang your cooking utensils or kitchen towels.

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6. Try Tension Rods, Too

Many households keep cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. After a while, you usually end up with a mess of products and have to dig around to find the one you need.

With a simple tension rod, you can get this often-neglected space organized. Any cleaning product with a spray nozzle can be hung up, making them easier to find. Plus, you’ll create more space for storing items on the shelf below, while increasing overall visibility.

7. Get Some Wire Shelf Risers

Another option that can essentially double your shelf space is wire shelf risers. These are great for organizing dishware, as you can separate each type without having to put bowls on plates or creating incredibly heavy piles.

There are also wire racks that can hang from shelves. These essentially accomplish the same task, creating additional layers that can help you organize.

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8. Invest in File Racks

If you want to organize your baking sheets, casserole dishes, and even slim pans, a file rack can be a great option. You can stash them vertically and keep them separated. That way, you can see everything you have and get to the right one without having to work your way through a pile.

9. Buy Some Hooks

The side of your lower cabinets can be a storage powerhouse if you use them right. Just attach a few hooks, and you can hang a variety of items in a spot that’s accessible. It can be a great option for colanders, cutting boards, measuring spoons, or anything else that’s fairly lightweight and has a handle or hole for hanging.

10. Get a Wine Rack

While a wine rack is an obvious choice for organizing your favorite wines, it can also be used for something else. If you several water bottles, thermos, or travel mugs, put them in the slots instead. You’ll be able to find each one with ease, and they won’t get knocked over or roll around during the search.

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